Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite – Custom Builder


New for 2020: Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite

The NEW for 2020 Montana Black Gold Mountain Lite sight was built with weight in mind. Built off of the incredibly popular Ascent Verdict, the Mountain Lite is shorter, lighter and more compact for when maneuverability matters.

  • NEW Dual Indicator System is designed to let an archer associate any pin with an indicator needle.
  • NEW ML3 Base built off the Ascent Verdict to be lighter and more compact.




  • NEW Dual Indicator pin system lets you individually adjust each indicator, allowing you to use two pins on one sight tape.
  • PhotoChromatic Technology automatically darkens pins in bright light to help prevent “pin halo”.
  • Black Gold’s Legendary “Dial-of-Death” adjustment system with super smooth gears and SureGrip knob
  • Available in a 3 or 5 pin configuration.
  • Angled 45-degree sight tape for visibility from behind or to the side of your bow.

Additional information


Left handed, Right handed


Pin #1: Green (.019")
Pin #2: Red (.019")
Pin #3: Yellow (.019")
Pin #4: Green (.019")
Pin #5: Red (.019")

Ring Color

Flo Green

Guard Size

1 3/4"