Black Gold Sights are made to hunt. Their “BombProof” pins are fully machined from aircraft grade aluminum. All sights feature sleek, sturdy bases with oversized clamping dovetails. When most sights fail, it is the pins that break first. Black Gold sights feature BombProof Micro Groove pins that are 30 times stronger than competitor’s imported cast, turned, or tube style pins. The Micro Groove technology protects the fiber along its entire length. These are the toughest pins ever built on an archery sight.

If your pins get too bright they can create starbursts. This starburst effect makes it difficult to see your target. Montana Black Gold’s patented PhotoChromatic shell covers the fiber optic strands and turns purple when under natural UV light. This automatically adjusts pin brightness in any light conditions resulting in perfect pin brightness all day long. The shell has been recently redesigned and is 80% tougher, adjusts faster, and is even darker in bright conditions without diminishing pin brightness in low light conditions.

Custom Black Gold Sights generally ship from the factory 7-10 days after the order has been placed. Rarely, production issues cause the sights to take three or four days longer but generally seven to ten business days is the turnaround. Montana Black Gold builds sights with the highest standards and won’t ship a sight that isn’t the best possible sight they can build.

Black Gold Sights carry the best guarantee in the business. With over 27 years in the archery industry, Black Gold Sights have built a rock solid reputation. Their work is iron clad and comes with an unconditional guarantee. “If the original owner has a part break for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.”

The ordering process is simple. Choose your desired sight from the entire Black Gold product line. Then, depending on the sight you choose, you can choose the amount of pins, the size and color of the pins, the sight base, guard size, ring color and more. Feel free to browse the sight and play around with different combinations. The combinations are wide ranging and allow you to build the sight that is exactly what you are looking for.

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