What Is SkyCoil Technology from Black Gold Sights?

by Little John Landrith

Want to know what SkyCoil Technology is and how does Black Gold’s PhotoChromatic shell work? We explain in this short article.

Black Gold is well known as the leader in bright pins for archery sights. In fact, independent tests have shown that Black Gold pins are a full 20% brighter than the pins on the next closest archery sights. Brighter pins allow you to see the pins on your Black Gold sight earlier in the morning or later in the evening than the competition’s sight. When hunting from a ground blind, keeping the inside of the blind as dark as night is imperative. Hunting from a dark blind usually makes finding a sight pin pretty difficult especially during the midday when it may be very bright outside of the blind. The fiber optics used by Black Gold make it easy to pick up your pins in these situations.
One of the reasons Black Gold calls it SkyCoil Technology is because the fiber optics are wrapped at the top of the sight and not all the way around the sight like most other archery sights. There really isn’t much light to pick up at the bottom of a sight housing. When fiber optics are wrapped all the way around a sight, the manufacturer is essentially wasting more than half of the light capturing potential of their fiber optics. Putting the fiber optics on top actually yields 300% more light for brighter pins.

Black Gold PhotoChromatic Shell

Bright pins are great for hunting in the early morning and late evening when animals tend to be the most active. But what about mid-day rut action or Western spot and stalk hunts. These hunts often lead to shots in the middle of the day when the sun could be shining bright. What you don’t want is a super bright pin in this situation. Having too much intensity leads to star bursting or the halo effect in which the pin has so much light that it becomes fuzzy and appears so big that accuracy goes down the drain. Black Gold’s PhotoChromatic Shell houses the fiber optic and actually serves to block out excessive light which prevents the halo effect.
The PhotoChromatic Shell works a lot like eyeglasses that get darker in light conditions. The shell is nearly clear in low light conditions which allows all available light to hit the fiber optics. As more light hits the sight the PhotoChromatic Shell gets progressively darker to prevent pin flare. The recently redesigned shell reacts to light almost instantaneously and also protects the fiber optic. The new shell is 80% stronger than the original.
Montana Black Gold Sights with SkyCoil Technology offer the brightest pins when you need it and automatically tempers pin intensity when you don’t need super bright pins. If you have any questions about Black Gold Sights or customizing a Black Gold Sight feel free to contact us.

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