Montana Black Gold Sights Competition Sight

by Al Escobedo

The new Black Gold Sights Competition Sight has several industry firsts and may be the best archery target sight ever built. Black Gold thought of just about everything when designing this new sight.

Every year archery dealers from around the world meet with the industry’s top manufacturers to see their latest and greatest products at the Archery Trade Association(ATA) Annual Trade Show. At the 2017 ATA Show Black Gold Sights unveiled their new competition sight. The Montana Black Gold Sights Competition Sight is five years in the making and the time and effort put into the sight shows.
The Competition Sight has micro adjust on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis. This is the first competion sight to ever offer this feature. The axis adjustments are quick and simple to use, making set up quick and easy. Everything is clearly marked so you can see where your adjustments are set and solid lock down screws keep adjustments where you put them.
The Montana Black Gold Competition Sight also features Micro Gang Windage with more left and right adjustment than any other sight on the market. There is no reason to add extra parts to get more windage. The wide range of adjustment makes the Black Gold Competition Sight work for just about any archer, any bow, and any anchor point. The fine micro adjustment makes sighting in fast and simple. The quick locking front windage assembly is rock solid and locks or unlocks the windage button with a quick twist. Just make your windage adjustment, then push back until the button stops. Once the button is in the sight is locked and ready to shoot. If a shooter prefers to not use a lock, the sight can be used lock free.
The vertical slide is made of Delrin, a lightweight polymer material. This space age material ensures the slide works as designed in the most extreme weather conditions. Cold, heat, rain, sleet, snow… it does not matter. The Y-shape of the slide self centers the vertical slide after every shot. This is another simple design feature that many sight companies haven’t thought of.
As is the case with all Black Gold sights, the Competition Sight has easy to use and easy to see indicator needles. This allows for precision adjustments and increased accuracy on the range. The Competition Sight also has a quick slide wheel along the vertical adjustment, an industry first. This allows you to move the vertical adjustment quickly along the entire vertical slide. Just spin the wheel all the way in until your sight is where you want it, then spin the other way to go back to using the micro adjustment for your vertical adjustments.
The Black Gold Competition Sight comes in a 6″ dovetail model weighing 10.8 ounces and a 9″ dovetail model weighing 11.6 ounces. Both versions are available in right handed and left handed and come with Black Gold’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. The sight is designed to accept 10/32 scopes. The finish is matte black but the knobs come in multiple colors. The knobs are available in black, purple, blue, green, orange, pink, and red so you can not only shoot flawlessly, you can look good doing it.
The Black Gold Competition Sight is available right here at

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