Black Gold Rush Bow Sight

by Dan Ellyson

The Black Gold Rush is the best bow sight available for around $100. Dan Ellyson from offers a closer look at the Black Gold Rush in this review.

Is the Montana Black Gold Rush sight the best all around multi pin sight for around $99? If it is not, you could be hard pressed to find another.

The Black Gold Rush bow sight is built out of aluminum and weighs in at 5.6 ounces, making it one of the lightest bow sights available. It is available in an anodized black or film dipped camo. Another feature that is sure to impress you is the Skycoil technology partnering with the photo chromatic shell that covers the fiber optic. The fiber optic comes out of the machined aluminum pin and wraps on top of the pin guard (skycoil). The skycoil is encased by photo chromatic material. The photo chromatic material changes it transparency by the amount of UV light that make contact with it. It kind of works like prescription glasses that become darker in the sunlight. This will be incredibly helpful when shooting outside in the sunlight. The pins will not starburst or grow in size because the fiber optics collect too much light. The shell allows less light to hit the fiber optics. The photo chromatic material will then become more transparent as the sun comes down, making this a great sight for whitetail hunting.

Custom Black Gold Rush Bow Sight

If the reasons I listed above didn’t push you over the edge to purchase the Black Gold Rush sight, then you may need to consider the fact that the Rush archer sight is fully customizable. You can choose the pin guard size from a 2 inch or 1 3/4 inch, you can choose the number pins you would like, and the size of the pins .010,.019, or .029. Black Gold also offers theBlind Man’s Light Kit for the Rush Sight. This light kit allows you to increase the light on the pins when hunting in a ground blind or any other low light situation.

Black Gold Sights are manufactured and build in the USA and all products made by Montana Black Gold come with the best unconditional full lifetime warranty in the archery industry.

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