Black Gold BombProof Pins

by Al Escobedo

Montana Black Gold’s BombProof pins are the strongest and most durable sight pins available.

Bowhunters are famous for abusing their equipment. Whether it’s dropping a bow from a tree stand, dragging it across the ground on a hands & knees stalk of a cagey mule deer, or any other bowhunting adventure, an archery sight gets put to the test. A sight is only as good as it’s weakest point and the weak point of a sight is often the pins.

When it comes to durable pins, Black Gold’s BombProof pins are as solid as they come. Black Gold’s pins are fully machined of bar stock, not molded, cast or rolled. This leads to pins thirty times stronger than the competition. Black Gold BombProof pins have an exclusive micro-groove design that cradles and protects the fiber optic.

When buying your Custom Black Gold Sight you can customize the pins. Black Gold Pins are available in three different colors; Krypton Green, Laser Red, and Atomic Yellow. You can set up a sight in any combination of these colors. Custom Black Gold Sights can be configured with one pin, two pins, three pins, all the way up to nine pins.

Pin size is also fully customizable. Pins are available in .010, .019, and .029. Have poor eyesight? The .029 pin size is probably the one for you. The .019 pin size is a great all-purpose pin that is the most popular choice. Are you a target shooter? You may want your pins .010. The smaller the pin, the less light it will absorb. However, larger pins can cover up more of the target making precise aiming more difficult. This is why most people choose the .019 pins. It gives them the best of both worlds. Another popular choice is going with .019 pins for the top few pins and .010 pins for the bottom pins. This gives you great performance at shorter ranges but at long ranges where targets will appear small the .010 pin allows you to see more target and less pin.

If you have any questions about pins on your next custom Black Gold Sight, feel free to contact us by email or by phone at 715-781-9262.

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