Best Single Pin Adjustable Sight to use with a Mathews ArrowWeb T Series Quiver

by Dan Ellyson

Archers often don’t think of how a quiver and a movable sight work together. If you’re using a Mathews Arrow Web quiver and prefer a single pin sight, check out the Black Gold Ascent sight.

Not many people consider their sight and quiver combination when purchasing a new bow or outfitting their old bow, but it will be one of the most important decisions you make.

Mathews ArrowWeb T-Series Quiver

The Mathews quivers are unique as the bracket attaches to the riser of the bow and the quiver attaches to the bracket. The main advantage of this type of quiver is that the arrows hold tight to the bow, allowing for optimum balance. This will allow for the hunter to either shoot with the quiver on or off the bow with very little difference in accuracy.

Most traditional moveable sights have the their slider or dials on the rear of the sight, when used in tandem with the Mathews T Series Quivers it is not optimal. This is because the arrows will lay over the slider or dial minimizing the room you will need to make adjustments fast and efficiently. If you do not shoot your bow with your quiver attached, then this may not concern you. But, I feel that most hunters at some point in their travels will find themselves in a situation that will require them to shoot with the quiver attached to their bow.

Black Gold Ascent Bow Sight

The best adjustable archery sight that I have found to use with the Mathews T Series Quiver is the Black Gold Ascent moveable sights. This particular sight offers many of the same advantage of most traditional moveable sights, except for the location of the dial. The dial on the Black Gold Ascent sight is located in the front of the sight. This will have a clear advantage over most other moveable sights.

As I have stated above, one of the advantages of the T-Series quiver is how tight the arrows are to the bow. With the Ascent sight the dial will be clear of any obstructions allowing you too easily and effectively adjust the sight in timely matter.

Hunting is truly a game in which seconds count and advantages don’t come easy. You owe it to yourself to try the Black Gold Ascent Sight in combo with Mathews quivers.

Mathews T series quivers are available in 3, 5 , and 7 arrow models. Color combinations include Lost, Lost AT, and Black.

Mathews CT series quivers are available in 4 and 6 arrow models. Color combinations are Black, Tactical, and Lost and (9) different color insert options ranging from Yellow to Purple.

Black Gold Ascent Sight is available in many different head combinations. For more details about the Ascent sight and the available customization visit our custom Black Gold Ascent Sight page.

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