What color sight rings are available on Black Gold Sights?

by Al Escobedo

Black Gold sight rings are bright enough to pick up easily in a wide variety of light conditions. They come in five different colors.

Montana Black Gold sight rings are interchangeable and come in five different colors. Nitrous Green comes standard and is the most popular color. Atomic Yellow, Radical Red, Wicked White, and Neon Pink are also available. The nice thing is you don’t have to commit to one particular color. If you get red and decide you like yellow better, the rings are interchangeable. Just be sure to pick the right housing size. The full range of colors is available for both the standard 1 3/4” and the 2” Big Dog Guard. The rings are just $5.95 each so you won’t break the bank as you experiment with colors.

The Nitrous Green and Atomic Yellow are bright and easy to acquire quickly in most light conditions. Pink is obviously a favorite with female archers. White really pops when hunting from a tree stand but is usually not a good choice for anyone hunting from the ground. The red sight rings may be most popular among our spot shooters. The red outline stands out well against blue target faces commonly found in spot leagues.

Black Gold sight rings are another feature that makes Black Gold sights a great choice for the discerning archer and bowhunter. A variety of colors and the fact that they are easily swapped out is another factor in the premium Montana Black Gold experience.

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